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Watch & Listen For Your Police...

For further information, download the pdf for this page and the Case Study pdf.

Neighbourhood Watch and other like schemes, e.g. church watch, encourage involvement. Why not initiate one in your street? It helps prevent crime, builds community spirit and you’ll get to know your neighbours. www.neighbourhoodwatch.net

Active Listening Support Team (ALST) is a confidential listening service and police charity that was initiated in Northern Ireland, where church volunteers are contacted by the police in an area to visit vulnerable people. The role of the ALST is to step in where the police are unable to give further assistance, or unable to devote the time needed. For further information contact activelistening@hotmail.co.uk

Missing persons. If your local police authority has this system (RSS feeds), information can be put on church websites, encouraging us to pray for current appeals, news and missing persons.