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Talk To Your Police...

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Report crimes and provide information directly or through Crimestoppers - www.crimestoppers-uk.org. Can you be a go-between? For example, is there an elderly person in your community that has been a victim of crime but is fearful of going directly to the police that you can make the police aware of, or be a ‘good neighbour’ and act as a point of initial contact for any visitors to a vulnerable person?

Thank your police and preferably in writing. Police officers face critical scrutiny of their work every day, and need to be encouraged and affirmed. They have an extremely challenging job and work every day with broken and chaotic people. You may be the one voice of encouragement they hear. We can offer them simple acts of kindness to demonstrate that we appreciate who they are and what they do.

PACT meetings - attend your local Police And Communities Together meeting, contribute to the debate, and find out the priorities in your area. This will inform prayers too.

Feed back when and how they need to improve.

Witnesses - be an active citizen and provide a written statement to the police if you witness something.

Find out the needs of your communities by approaching your Neighbourhood Policing Teams. This information can inform your prayers. Find out what areas of crime and disorder the police are aiming to tackle in your area and support them in prayer. Make an initial point of contact to the Inspector or Sergeant heading up your local neighbourhood team.