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Preventing Trouble With Your Police...

For further information on any of these areas, download the pdf.

There are many ways to help prevent trouble. Below are just a few for you to consider.

Offenders - can you work with those providing a network of care to ex-offenders coming out of prison or those still in prison?

Urban and detached youth work - can you meet with young people on the streets and develop relationships?

Sport and leisure activities - can you help to prevent anti-social behaviour by young people?

Uniformed groups - can you initiate or support groups such as Scouts and Guides?

Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme - have you thought about initiating or getting involved with this or similar schemes?

Working with refugees - can you offer support, advice and resources to those on the margins?

Preventing Terrorism - supporting other faith groups and organisations in their efforts to prevent the radicalisation of vulnerable members of our communities. Through prayer, facilitating links with other faith groups, working in partnership with the Muslim Police Association on areas of mutual benefit and publicly stating our position from a biblical point of view on violent extremism.

Domestic violence counselling - domestic violence accounts for between 16 and 25 per cent of all recorded violent crime in England and Wales. Can your church support and counsel the victims of domestic abuse, depression, sexual abuse, bereavement, stress, eating disorders etc?

Debt counselling - can you provide a forum of advice on money management?

Fundraising - are you able to coordinate fundraising in your local church for relevant projects?

Mentoring - why not get alongside a young person and help them through difficult times?

Peacemaking - can you be a peacemaker, e.g. in neighbour disputes or local mediation services etc?

Parenting support - e.g. help for single mothers. www.careforthefamily.org.uk